Fuel and Resources
Recycling Business

Toward creating integrated solutions ranging from energy supply to recycling.

Business Outline

Customers around the world procure the coal and petroleum coke that are the necessary fuels for operating factories and generating electricity, and we work to provide a stable supply. When it comes to coal, we have put into place a “coal chain” (integrated coal supply system) that handles all aspects of the business from shipping it overseas to storing it and recycling coal ash. We also handle the largest volume domestically of the petroleum coke that is generated in the petroleum refining process.
In addition, we are engaged in various initiatives with the environment and the community in mind, such as the efforts are pouring into working with palm kernel shell (PKS), which has attracted interest as a carbon neutral fuel resource.


Integrated Coal Supply System
We have constructed what we call our “Coal Chain,” which makes the most of the knowledge and technologies that come from our roots as having been Japan’s largest coal mining company to create links that extend from the locations where coal is mined to those where it is ultimately consumed.
Relay Coal Business
We maintain our “Hibiki Coal Center” at our Kitakyushu Coking Works, which can store up to 570,000 tons of coal. Combined with the port facilities where large shipping vessels can dock and our marine and surface logistics networks, we have a relay coal business that enables us to unload, store, and transport coal.
Overseas Network
We use a broad global network that includes overseas bases of operation in Sydney and Los Angeles to import coal from countries around the world.
Biomass Fuels
When it comes to biomass fuels, we have a track record of working with wood pellets and palm kernel shell (PKS). PKS (the shells that remain after palm oil has been extracted) contain little moisture, have a high calorific value, and absorb CO2 during the palm’s maturation process. Because of this, it has been attracting considerable interest as a carbon-neutral fuel. We offer and supply it to our customers as an energy that is suited to the demands of our times.

Coal Loader (Unloader)

Hibiki Coal Center


Our Resource Recycling Division processes of industrial waste mainly in the Kyushu area, and as a broker for the processing of such waste, primarily coal ash. The amount of industrial waste that we process each year adds up to around 300,000 tons. Most of the processed waste is then reused as a clean and useful resource, and so we contribute to protecting the local environment through our work.
Furthermore, in conjunction with our Fuel Sales Division, we have put together an integrated business supply network that covers everything from coal imports and sales to ash disposal.
*Results for FY2020


Coal Ash
At our Miike Recycling Center, we recycle the coal ash from thermal power plants and the like for use as the raw material for Pozotech, a roadbed material intended for civil engineering uses. We also deliver ash to cement factories around Japan and Korea to be recycled as one of the ingredients of cement.
Through our work as a processing broker, we mainly handle the incineration ash that comes from companies with boilers that use biomass fuels. With the growth in biomass power generation, we are making efforts to increase the volume we handle.
We incinerate the sludge released from water treatment plants with a high-speed fluidized-bed furnace. The material that results can serve as an ingredient for cement or used for land reclamation projects at landfills.
Waste Plastic
We turn waste plastic into RPF* briquettes at an affiliate facility and offer it for sale.
*RPF stands for “refuse paper and plastic fuel.” It’s a briquette fuel with a high calorific value that is made using old paper and plastics that are the most difficult materials to recycle mainly among industrial wastes.
Contaminated Soil
We process soil contaminated with toxic substances into materials that can serve as an ingredient for cement or used for land reclamation projects at landfills.

High-speed fluidized-bed furnace for sludge incineration

Manufacturing plant for roadbed materials for civil engineering uses (Pozotech)