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Developing various related businesses with coke at the core.

Supporting the industry, heading towards the future - Nippon Coke & Engineering Company, Limited.

Our business is built on many years of achievement in the field of resource and energy of Japan and the world through the production and supply of high quality coke.
Additionally, we have developed various related businesses from many different angles with coke at the core.
These businesses support society and the entire industry while providing mutual advantages, and boldly open up the future.

“Coke Business” that provides stable supply of high quality coke
while treating the environment as a precious resource.
"Coal Business" that realizes a global integrated supply system.
"Chemical Machinery Business" that promotes
manufacturing with advanced techniques.
"Resource Recycling Business" that protects the future earth.
"Logistics Business" that develops total logistics.
From research development to group businesses
to the global network.

Allow us to introduce the various fields of business
borne by Nippon Coke & Engineering Company, Limited.

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