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1889 The Mitsui-gumi purchased government-owned Miike Coal Mine from Ministry of Finance.
1911 Mining department of Mitsui Unlimited Partnership became independent and established as Mitsui Mining Co., Ltd.
the latter
half of 1950
Along with progress in the energy revolution, diversification is promoted. (Advanced coke, cement, *and machine businesses.)
*Withdrawn from the cement business in March 2004.
1988 Discontinued one coke furnace.
1993 Mitsui Miike Chemical Engineering Machinery, Co., Ltd., was merged. The engineering department was strengthened.
1997 Withdrawn from the domestic coal mining business.
2006 Completed construction for the re-starting of the stopped coke furnace.
October 2008 Became an equity method affiliated company of Nippon Steel Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation.
(The equity rate of both companies was 21.7%.)
April 2009 The business title was changed from Mitsui Mining Co., Ltd., to Nippon Coke & Enginieering Company.

Kattachi pit, about 1898
Kattachi pit, about 1898

1A coke oven re-started in 2006
1A coke oven re-started in 2006

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