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Message from the President

Nippon Coke & Engineering Company, Limited strives to earn even greater trust from all the stakeholders, the local community, our customers, shareholders and employees, as we build a more sustainable revenue base by strengthening our business foundation with focus on medium-to-long term growth.

Kazuya Kage

Our group has played an important role in post-war recovery and the modernization of Japan as the largest coal-mining company, including Miike Coal Mine, a component of the “Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution”, designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2015.

Our business encountered a critical phase in 2003, as the decline in the domestic coal-mining industry led to the closure of our coal mines, and other issues also affected our business. However, with the generous support of various parties, our group has been able to transform and now the core pillar of our business focuses on the manufacture and sales of coke, which is indispensable in iron making and metal refining.

Lately, we have been enhancing our coke business profitability by adding a CDQ (Coke Dry Quenching) equipment, a new waste plastic coke additive equipment and upgrading the desulphurization facility, as well as developing businesses in non-coke areas such as sales of fuel, manufacture and sales of machinery and electrical equipment including the most advanced powder and granular machines in the industry, resource recycling, real estates, logistics, mining/sales of domestic coal and IT related businesses (medical information services etc.) to transform and diversify our company’s profit structure.

From hereon we will further strengthen our business foundation to build a more sustainable revenue base by improving business resource efficiency with focus on medium to long term growth as well as fulfilling responsibilities required as a member of society including thorough implementation of our corporate philosophy, giving proper consideration to environmental conservation and co-existence with the local community.

Through these endeavors, we hope to increase our company value, and with the full and best efforts of all our group employees, we will strive to earn even greater trust from all the stakeholders, the local community, our customers, shareholders and employees.

We look forward to having your continued guidance and unchanging support.

Kazuya Kage
Representative Director, President

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