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Resource Recycling

A Clean Solution
that protects the future of the earth

In the resource recycling business of our company, more than 0.5 million tons of industrial wastes are processed every year.
Most of these are reused as clean and efficient resources, minimizing waste and supporting environment conservation in Japan, a nation of few natural resources. Also, we have established and carried out clean solutions in processing, which fully utilize our expertise in coal and coke combustion technology and chemical machinery technology, such as crushing and casting.

Coal Ash Approximately 60,000t of coal ash are recycled as raw material for (Pozotech) roadbed material used in civil engineering projects.
Sludge To best utilize as raw materials of cement, sludge is incinerated in a fast fluidized sludge incinerater, and then processed to reduce the environmental load.
Waste Plastic After waste plastic has been pulverized in preprocessing at the tied up facilities, it is thermally recycled as RPF *.
Polluted Soil Polluted soil is detoxified in coordination with affiliated facilities.
Our shipping network connecting all of Japan is used in this process.

* RPF is the acronym for Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel, and is a high calorie, solid fuel made mainly from waste paper and plastics that are difficult to recycle within industrial waste.

Manufacturing plant of roadbed material for civil engineering (Pozotech).
Manufacturing plant of roadbed material for civil engineering (Pozotech).

Fast fluidized sludge incinerator.
Fast fluidized sludge incinerator.

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